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Input Overlay 5.0.0

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Windows, Linux

Input Overlay is a small plugin for obs studio that shows keyboard, mouse and gamepad inputs on stream. It adds a new source for visualizing inputs.

How does it work?
The plugin uses a texture and a config file to create the overlay. This means that you can configure which buttons are shown on screen, how they are arranged and how they look.
By default the plugin comes with presets for mouse, keyboard and gamepad.
When creating an "Input Overlay" source in obs you can then point it to either the preset files or the ones you made yourself.

  • Flexible config system, which can arrange buttons and other elements in any form
  • Graphical tool to make preset creation easier (Video Tutorial)
  • Support for XInput and DirectInput Gamepads
  • Option to rebind gamepads
  • Remote connection to send inputs from gaming pc to streaming pc
  • Input White/Blacklist, so you you don't accidentally show sensitive data
  • WebSocket Server to allow the browser source to access input events
Additional Information can be found on the wiki.

Why does Input Overlay not detect input in some cases?

This is most likely caused by the application protecting its inputs for a variety of reasons. Launching obs-studio as administrator usually fixes this issue.


Your best bet is to download the installer (Number 1 in the picture), it'll take care of everything (except if you installed obs studio to a custom location you might have to check that the path is correct in the installer). You can also install it manually via the zip archive (Number 2 in the picture). Inside it is a folder called "plugin". The contents of that folder need to go in the root folder of your obs installation:

If you use Ubuntu or Debian you can use the .deb installer inside the zip archive (Number 3 in the screenshot). For other distros you copy the folder "input-overlay" into ~/.config/obs-studio/plugins (you might need to create that path).

Please note:
  • If you're on a fresh installation of windows or you don't play any games there's a high chance that you don't have the Visual C++ 2019 Redistributable installed. You can get it here.
  • The plugin does not and will not work with Streamlabs OBS!
  • (Windows only) Since this plugin hooks into input you shouldn't open two instances of OBS, because it will result in stuttering input. If you do need two instances run one instance as 32bit.
Creating Overlays

Or scan it yourself:
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Latest reviews

Awesome! I kind of wish there was a directory I could use so I can change the texture and layout. Also, some of the buttons won't work nor export correctly if you make your own. Other than that, I really like the plugin! It's fantastic and amazing and cool and awesome and....
I used this for an incredibly long time and I absolutely love it!! Unfortunately, I had to reinstall OBS because it was screwing up, and I lost this plugin, so now that I've just reinstalled it and it took me like half an hour maybe because I hate Github because it's confusing, but I managed to find the plugin download, and I discovered that the presets are in different folders, so I had to install those separately from the actual plugin itself! Sadly the qwerty preset was unavailable, which is the one I always used, so I uh... May or may not have just dug through the files, downloaded the image of the keyboard, and copy/pasted the .json file for it that was in there. When in doubt, make do with what you've got I guess LOL.

I initially felt stupid but then I did a thing and it worked so now I feel smart, 10/10, my favorite plugin on OBS (and not just because it's my only one)
For some reason the arrow keys dont work but otherwize pretty good
It works, but it's far more complicated than it needs to be and it does not work 'out of the box' you have to go through hoops just to get it to do what its supposed to do.
Works as intended, you just need the image and config file. You can find these at the github page.
it was difficult to put it on but the result is extraordinary!
I am in Ubuntu 20.04 and OBS 27+ Everything works fine except Right Click shows wheel. Any help...

The plugin itself doesnt work, it asks for an "overlay image file" and an "overlay config file". It doesnt come with any "default" options, in case you have no idea wtf it wants. It's just assumed whoever wants to use this is an uber-1337 coder who can figure it out.

Theres a video "tutorial" but its starts with just a finished product, and just a lot of talking, no showing from scratch how to set it up. A tutorial should start from the beginning and walk you through every single step. There is a "tool" to help apparently create presets, but no explanation of how to use THAT either. Again the tutorial starts off with a finished product so no good.

Raised as an feature/issue on github, and the dev replied to state that ANYONE WHO WANTS TO USE THIS PLUGIN IS EXPECTED TO KNOW HOW TO CODE HTML, JAVASCRIPT AND CSS!!!
To be fair your attitude is also quite appalling
Users that are experiencing issues finding the input overlay source are not on the most recent update of OBS Studio (Windows10.) reproduced the issue with a VM. Users who do not understand the setup are likely not downloading the file zips, as the installer does not install the preset images or understand how to create their own in the config creator (whatever an uber-1337 coder is.) All in all, a well made tool and I appreciate your dedicated work. For people with issues - you can attempt a lesser refined tool called inputmapper, but if you can't work this, good luck with that.
I'm very new to obs and just figuring out plugins. When I ran the installer everything seemed good and the overlay was in the plugins folder, but when I went into obs the overlay wasn't there. Where would I go in obs to find it?