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works exactly like intended, play a short beep when recording, and a different beep after recording.
Excellent widget. Really Loved it, was easy to integrate and use. Deserve more acknowledgment. ❤
One of (not very many IMHO) limitations of OBS is how custom docks work. This plugin comes along and works exactly as advertised, thus opening a whole new realm of possibilities with OBS. It allowed me to ditch having several browser windows open alongside OBS and have everything I need organized just the way I like it in one window!

A Must use for any streamer, especially if intermediate to power user level with OBS.
I am giving this plugin a 5-star rating despite not moving forward with it, and here's the list of pros, cons, and why
- Effortless to install and setup
- Comprehensive (large monitor friendly) UI
- Intuitive usability
- Functional and works exactly as advertised
- Require no OBS setting changes or tracking
- It would appear to be possible to save & backup your setup in case you refresh or change your PC
- Affordable price

Cons & Why:
- Difficult to fully utilize in a Dual-PC Setup as I see no way to add the capture card as a ducking target in the software

I don't know if this is a software limitation or Windows Development limitation, but if the capture card can be added as a source in your Mixer or Windows, then this source was integrated into your mixer's broadcast stream mix, then this would be a dream for a Dual PC Setup user.

That all being said, this plugin seems perfect for a Single-PC setup or if ducking your captured game is not an issue to you or if you don't mind doing it in OBS :-)
Thanks for your helpful input and a 5-star rating!
Right now, I'm working on Remote Ducking that will support Dual-PC Setups.
It is available already in the old version, so if you don't mind the old look and a few bugs, then please try version 2.2.2:
Simple and useful. I use to copy and paste other streamers that put the link on game chat or things to remember during the stream.
Muy buen complemento, realmente util.
This program has a ton of bells and whistles, overall I have used it for a few months and it nails all the functions I used,
-Doesn't handle handshaking when other programs use the midi, (default midi ports plug and play only allows one program per input/output.
-Has twitch chat integration
-Hooks in to all basic obs triggerables, mute toggle, transitions, volume sliders, audio and video filters
-twitch integration requires fiddling the username case. sometimes requires capitalization, sometimes doesn't (not sure if it's just the way the api handles it)
-uses websocket and is simple to setup
Awesome! I kind of wish there was a directory I could use so I can change the texture and layout. Also, some of the buttons won't work nor export correctly if you make your own. Other than that, I really like the plugin! It's fantastic and amazing and cool and awesome and....
It's excelent for streaming
I really like this plugin. I have it paired with StreamElements Media Request overlay and it looks awesome! The Media Request is on top of the screen, it features the song name and artist, with the Spectralizer placed immediately below it - upside down! It looks awesome with the orange Spectralizer bars and the pink Media Request progress bar!
I like it! I think I may end up using it to thank users...once adds the second screen feature to their Android app. Ok... (sigh) I, now, know I'm going to uninstall it until then or I'll forget about it. Dang it, I know I'll most likely forget but... (sigh) that's ok...... (thinks) You know what, I'll keep it installed!
Awesome! I kind of wish there was a directory I could use so I can change the texture and layout.
You can modify existing files, lets say you modified layout keyboard.html, saved it as keyboard2.html. Now you can use browser source and point it to http://localhost:5001/keyboard2.html
Works well with the replay buffer! Although, it's the replay buffer that I have an issue with because it doesn't save the full 5 seconds I have it set!
I love it! I entirely use the macro section and I love it. It makes streaming, only while streaming, almost effortless. Although, it's the preparation that can be time consuming but I already had previous experience with macros. I used an Android macro app (unfortunately it doesn't work with my current phone - that does make me angry because I can still download it) as an impression of what coding is like and I even loved it then. I'm still going to school but I haven't gone back since the pandemic and my experience with my first professor's own book. He used his own typo-filled education book. Anyways, I intend on going back to school after the pandemic ends.
Windows 11. Just installed. OBS refused to launch properly after installing it. Was so bad, I had to do a complete removal from AppData and the Program Files of my entire OBS system.

Using Scale to Sound instead for my purposes. Very disappointed considering the numerous YouTube videos raving about it. Needs to be updated in a big way before it's usable.
A little more information would definitely go a long way.
It is more customisable than Spectrelizer and more visual appealing. New options can be added in the future but for now, it does what i need.
I used this for an incredibly long time and I absolutely love it!! Unfortunately, I had to reinstall OBS because it was screwing up, and I lost this plugin, so now that I've just reinstalled it and it took me like half an hour maybe because I hate Github because it's confusing, but I managed to find the plugin download, and I discovered that the presets are in different folders, so I had to install those separately from the actual plugin itself! Sadly the qwerty preset was unavailable, which is the one I always used, so I uh... May or may not have just dug through the files, downloaded the image of the keyboard, and copy/pasted the .json file for it that was in there. When in doubt, make do with what you've got I guess LOL.

I initially felt stupid but then I did a thing and it worked so now I feel smart, 10/10, my favorite plugin on OBS (and not just because it's my only one)
Thank you so much for creating this program, I have three identical webcams that I use for streaming church service and this REALLY helps.
This was EXACTLY the thing I was looking for, and was stoked when I found it. Love the way it works and it's super easy to set up.